The training need to be fun from time to time. That’s why I would like to share with you a nice game that we are doing from time to time.

First, you must define two teams, make two goals, find a nice ball and equip everybody with archery battle equipment (mask and special arrows).

The area looks like this :

The rules we apply :

– Before starting we put the ball on the left or on the right of the playing area (not at the middle). Archers start between the two goal posts with arrows in the hand or in the quiver but not already nock. The judge say 3, 2, 1, go and it begin.

– Archers can’t shoot if they are not behind the line defined by their goals. They can cross this line to collect arrows and immediatly go back. If they are touch by the ball when they are in front of their line, 1 goal is given to the other team so they can’t protect their goal during collecting arrows.

– When the ball leave the playing area, the game can continue. Players still must play with the bow and not with hands or feet.

Required equipment :

For safety reasons, you can’t do it with your usual equipment! Even if the goal is not to shoot at each other, it can happen!



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