Add a profile picture

Go to your profile -> Profile -> Change Profile picture 

Add a blog post

Go to Blog page , click on “Share” and  write your post 🙂

Don’t forget to click on this button :  to choose the category and add the cover image.

Add an Event Location

The Event location is the page that will host all your events.

To create you should go to your profil -> Events -> My Location -> Add new and complete the form.

Add an Event

Did you already add your Event Location ? If not, you must ! 🙂

When this is done, go to your profile -> Events -> My Events -> Add new and complete the form.

To select your Event Location, just start typing and click on it when you see your location. The address will be automatically completed. Be careful, if you don’t select your location and complete by yourself the address, you will create a new location.

Your image must be less than 750*750px. If you want to make something beautiful, try to choose an image wider than high. 😉

Add a Classified Ad

Go to your profile -> Classifieds -> Add and complete the form.

Be careful when entering the address. If you don’t select something proposed, you will not appear on the map.


Add a Score

Go to your profile -> Scores -> Add a score.

First you need to complete the primary form. I will explain it step by step.

Result type : Official /Unofficial

If you ar not Judge, you will see onlu “Unofficial” so choose it 🙂 If you are judge you should choose Unofficial most of the time and Official only when you are adding result of a competition with at least 5 competitors and open to people outside your group.

Input type : Detailed / Only totals

If you choose Only totals you will just need to enter the total already calculated of each rider. And with detailed you will need to enter points and time of each run and we will calculate for you (not me, the computer be reassured 😉 ). Of course it’s easier to select only totals but this is really better for archers to be able to see their detailed scores and also those of other competitors!

Competition style : Check rules here

Number of participants

Choose the number of forms that will be shown after. Be careful, you can’t change this after starting typing your results.

If you have more results than expected : no problem, you just need to complete a second time the first form with for example 2 more competitors. But if you have less results than expected, you will not be able to submit your results and you will need to do everything again.. I’m sorry for that.

After submitting this first form, you will be able to fill the results. Please, be really carreful about mistakes. We want to keep the rankings as serious as possible !

If you have any problem, feel free to contact us by email :
You can also send a private message on the website to  Wharchery or to Robin Descamps